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confirm code check 确认代码检查 双语例句 1 With this source code, you can step into CRT functions to confirm that the functions are working as you expect and check for bad parameters or memory states. 使用此类源代码,可以单步执...

It's OK. Thanks a lot. It looked alright. Thank you so much for your help / assistance. I went through it and everything looked alright. Thanks a lot. .......

他说的意思是: 上传完毕, 请检查并确认接受到了 你如果收到了就回答: Confirm received with thanks! 如果没有收到就回答: Sorry, I haven't received, could you pls double check! Thanks!



Please check and confirm the charges as soon as possible, thanks. 本回答由提问者推荐 评论 chinawungboo 采纳率:31% 擅长: 宗教 英语翻译 其他回答 This...


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very early in the morning.

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